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As a little girl I loved art and making things. This of course was an encouragement from my mum who also loved art. We would spend several hours sitting at the dining room table drawing up lots of Disney characters, admiring over at my mums drawings. Her illustrations were simply stunning, I was always day dreaming that one day my drawings would be just as good, if not better!
From then onwards at school my favourite subject was Art, took that as a GCSE, loved drawing and painting. Knew straight away where my path was heading... National diploma in fine art at college. Discovered I had other skills other than drawing. I remember making up felt from hand and designed my very own felted bag. (Still have that by the way.) 
My favourite was my final exhibition, my final year! Designed my own wall art, every piece was different that was made up into one picture. Parts where made of felt, some were sewn by hand and the others were screen printed! And to match I made a print of it on a chair, which was upholstered! 
I then decided I loved textile design! I then applied at university to study fashion and textiles. 
2006 I graduated from university with a BA (Hons.)
I learnt so much more. My new found skill was designing baby knit wear in swatches, with gorgeous sparkly embellishments. (Swatches I still have too.) biggest achievement in my second year was selling one of my swatches to an Italian company. I learnt a lot about fashion design and textile design. Learnt fashion illustration drawings!
So you see, I've always loved anything girly. Most of all anything sparkly. Pretty princesses, ballerinas, fairies etc.

I have three children, one 8 year old, one 6 year old and one 3 year old. They all give
me that encouragement to be the best mum i can be by making fairies full time. I make lots of handmade items such as my beautiful handmade fairies, illustration drawings, my stunning painted canvases with sparkly embellishments and so much more!

My favourites are my fairies, I've been making them since early 2013. A lot of time, love and dedication goes into every single piece I make. 
Our designs are copyright certified and our brand name and logo is trademarked certified. 

I am still learning a lot of course and building my business up a lot.
We have been featured in many magazines such as Vogue, House and garden, yummy mummy, close up, woman of the world, your home and a few more to come this year 2022.
We were recently on channel 4 kirsities handmade christmas as a contestant.
Please do pop over and show your support. Come and have a look at my new makes. You don't have to buy a thing, just a like and follow me would be nice enough!

Invite some fairy magic into your life too with an' away with the fairies' fairy...  Making believe!!

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