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Image of NEW - Surprise Mystery Fairy

NEW - Surprise Mystery Fairy


Comes with a fairy measuring 10 Cm tall.
You can request colours you manifest in and or style, for example, ' I would like a pink princess.' or 'pink and purple flowers.' Skin tone must also be added to your notes as this will come flesh skin tone. The rest is simple design as a surprise to you.
The fairy will be parcelled up in a stunning box of pink paper with a random selection of flowers, fairy and vintage stickers applied to the top. An example is demonstrated in this picture, please note your box will be stuck with vintage flowers and stunning fairies. This is just an example with stickers and paper I already have, until my batch of stickers arrive and I will take some pictures to show you what to expect. But I promise you will love the box detailing before you unwrap it to see your fairy.
Swipe left to see an example of the sized fairy to expect. Please note it will be a surprise with your manifesting colours and skin tone required.

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